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22 January 2008

wishing trees don't run railways

"down there, mixed up among all the madness,
is everything that once made life worth living."

– ted hughes

yesterday was supposed to be officially the most depressing day of the year. apparently it's called blue monday and it's calculated using an elaborate formula that takes into account bad weather, post christmas debt, failed new years resolutions and the amount of time til next christmas. and if you put all these different factors into the formula it produces the third monday in january as the most depressing day of the year. i actually had quite a nice day, but next year i think i might start celebrating it just in case it's not so nice. it might cheer everyone up. i could send cards to my friends with pictures of sad puppies on wishing them a happy most depressing day of the year. and i could give them depressing presents, like a copy of 'unknown pleasures' or a bunch of dead flowers or something. and we could have fancy dress parties where people had to come as an icon of misery, like morrissey or eeyore or geoffrey palmer and put black balloons up everywhere. and then we could sit around and comfort eat, listening to miserable songs like 'waiting round to die' by townes van zandt. except i don't really find sad songs depressing. i love listening to 'waiting round to die'. i think it actually makes me happy. i've started thinking about the mixtape i'll have to make for my most depressing day of the year party. i'd have to put 'blue hat for a blue day' by nick heyward on it and 'heaven knows i'm miserable now' by the smiths, and some colourfield and some leonard cohen. and 'rainy days and mondays' by the carpenters and 'glad to be unhappy' by the mamas and papas. i think it sounds fun. it might turn out to be one of the happiest days of the year next year.

i went to bath for the weekend. to buy books and sleep. i'd never been before. it was quite wet but i didn't really care. i had a lovely time. i think i'll go again in the summer. i found these bears playing in a band in a shop window.


and a tiny drum kit for a tiny drummer.


and this second hand book shop


where i found a copy of 'the fifth child' by doris lessing.


and i found another amazing bookshop called mr b's emporium of reading delights, but i didn't take any pictures of it. so i had to go onto their website to try and steal some pictures instead. and while i was there i found this quote from their blog.

"some retailers don't seem to like customers. they seem to regard browsers as time wasters and chatty customers as inconveniences who are interrupting their paperwork. that's madness. we like to hug our customers."

i like the idea of a bookshop that likes to hug its customers. there's a sign up by the counter next to a kettle letting customers know they can use the kettle to make themselves a cup of tea or coffee if they want to. and the shop has such a great selection of books, and with shops like that you kind of know that if a book is on their shelves then it must be worth reading. and by a weird coincidence the next book that their marvellous monday book club are reading is 'the fifth child' by doris lessing.

anyway, i can't sit around writing weblogs all day. i've got lots of important things to do or this new album will never come out. and then no one will ever get to hear it and people will start thinking we made it all up and that we never really made a second album at all. i know what people are like.



I wish I'd known yesterday that it was the most depressing day of the year. I had the day off and could have done it up right. Oh well... the countdown starts. 365 days until the most depressing day of the year.

Posted by: kim | 23 January 2008

There's a great idea for song in celebrating the unhappiest day of the year and just enjoying it for what is is. Maybe the chorus could go "just three hundred and forty odd days to do 'til we can be happy again". Or maybe not, I am no songwriter. Though I did receive a Ukulele for Christmas, which made me happy.

Please keep working hard on getting the album finished, or I will start to think you've been making it up.

Posted by: moonkid | 30 January 2008

i didnt really want to comment on this blog even though it is a very interesting one of course, what i wanted to comment on was the other one, on the 14th of january, you see thats my grannys birthday, and i can see you a wondering why would i tell you that, can you actually 'see' somebody wonder? i wonder....anyways, oh yeah, my grannys birthday is on the 14th january and she used to play darts and has lots of medals and trophies AND she lives in buckinghamshire. so i just thought id share my moment of coincedence with you. which is that your from buckinghamshire - where my granny lives, you wrote a blog on the 14th of jaunary - my grannys birthday, and your wrote about dates - which my granny used to play and has lots of medles and trophies for.

Oh and just incase i forgots to say it i think yous is ace...x

Posted by: laura | 02 February 2008

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