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06 November 2007

more wobbly headed doll capers

current listening: the royal we – the royal we

"i don't think my dreams are like other people's. i end up in desolate places that are hard to get back from."

it's fireworks night. i can't hear many fireworks though. i'm watching the news and waiting for a documentary on gregorys girl to come on. i know it probably doesn't sound particularly interesting but i am so excited about the documentary. i've been excited ever since i read about it being on in the paper last thursday. i know i should probably try and be a bit more rock and roll in my weblogs and write something about how i've been out of my head on crack cocaine all week, hanging out with the wombat detectives and having sex with underwear models or whatever, but i haven't done anything like that. i did go to padstow for a few days last week. i enjoyed that. and i drank quite a lot of cider and brought a lot of different types of fudge back with me. i recommend the dolly mixture fudge and the milk chocolate coated orange fudge, but the lemon meringue pie fudge was a bit odd. and i read a book while i was there called 'before i die' by jenny downham, so i've put some quotes that i liked from it in this weblog. it's about a sixteen year old girl who is dying of cancer and writes a list of things that she wants to do before she dies. it made me laugh a lot. and it made me sad and scared too. i really really don't want to die.

"i'm going to miss breathing. and talking. and windows.
i'm going to miss cake. and fish. i like fish. i like
their little mouths going, open, shut, open."

and i spent the rest of last week obsessively watching the firefly dvd box set over and over again. i have to watch two to three episodes a night or i can't get to sleep. i want to lend it to pete to watch but i don't think i can bear to be apart from it at the moment. i might just have to buy him a copy as an early christmas present. it's so frustrating to think that all there is of it is fourteen episodes and the film. i can't believe fox cancelled it. it's like living through the pain of freaks and geeks all over again.

"my body's repairing itself. i didn't know it could still do that.
i know i won't die with a strawberry mivvi in my hand."

and i've been listening to the new scout niblett album a lot, and i bought a copy of the royal we album today so i've been listening to that too. and now the documentary is about to come on and i've got to get a video ready for it. i can't remember the last time i actually video taped something. oh, and we've almost finished recording the album too. i can see a light at the end of the tunnel at last. i just hope it's not a train coming the other way.



that must be a good book. at least judging from the quotes you selected. i like the second one the most. it's good when a book makes you laugh, but also sad or scared. and it's good when they change you somehow too.
well, i'm here for a couple of reasons. first, i always wanted to comment something on what you write, but was never able to because i didn't have a weblog. today i finally started one. and it's also a kind of tribute to you guys (if i can call it that), because it's named "paper cuts". a song which says a lot about me, and which i'm listening to right now. oh, i hope you don't mind. because it means a lot to me.
well, i'm just glad i've found you and your songs, and i'm glad i can say it somehow.
hope it's really not a train coming the other way! we can hardly wait for your new album.
and by the way, i did the same with firefly just sometime ago! that's fun. and i do the same everytime i find something i really like.

Posted by: pedro | 08 November 2007

Hooray! I'm so glad you're here.

And I'll awfully glad to know there's another album in the makes.

Posted by: Alicia | 10 November 2007

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