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12 September 2007

living on ice cream and chocolate kisses

current listening: andersens - gzi gzi gzeo

"the only reason i'm here is that i don't yet have the moral courage to turn down the money."

in the studio again today. jamie isn't in at all this week so we're just recording some of the basic instruments for another new song for the album, and then we can add the drums and all the other bits on to it later. we've only got two songs left that haven't been recorded properly yet, and we've mixed five songs so far. so we should still be finished by the end of september hopefully.

i spent a couple of days doing some more of the artwork with my brother last week. this time he drew some butterflies, some more bits for the machine, some daisies, a tiny boat, a cloud, and a small creature with big whiskers and his hands on his hips.

"i get excited about something, but it never lasts more than seven minutes. seven minutes exactly. that's my limit."

went to the isle of wight on saturday for bestival. had to get up at six o clock in the morning to catch the ferry across. managed to find our way there despite there being no sign posts on the island to the festival. which didn't help. the weather was looking like it would be quite nice. and it was. all weekend.

"do you know how i make a friend? i go about it very gently.
i circle around and around... then, gradually, i come nearer.
then i reach out and touch them, ah so gently... then, i draw back.
wait a while. make them wonder. at just the right moment,
i move in again. touch them, circle... before they realise it,
they're all entangled, involved. i have them.
and suddenly, sometimes, i'm all they have."

i kind of met billy bragg in the morning before the gates opened. not properly like hello i'm jof hello i'm billy, but i just happened to be standing at a coffee stall with my friend will and he came up and stood at the same coffee stall and ordered some coffee and told us about how he'd been to the toilet that morning quite early and how he wished he had a backdrop like the beastie boys. it was quite exciting. and it's funny that he should have mentioned talking backstage with the beastie boys, because when i was younger i always thought that when he sang the line "we're arming for peace, me boys" in the song between the wars it sounded like he was singing "where i met the beastie boys", although obviously i'd learned the lyric sheet off by heart so i knew it wasn't really. it was so great to see billy bragg on the mainstage that afternoon. i hadn't seen him play live in ages. he was really really fantastic. i like that he still believes it's possible for people to change the world in some way, even if it's sometimes only very small. it's still worth it. he did waiting for the great leap forwards with hardly any of the original words, and a stripped down version of england, half english. and he did accident waiting to happen, and i got goose bumps when he sang the line "your life has lost its dignity, its beauty and its passion", and i'm still not altogether sure why. he did a couple of new songs too. and he was heckled by a person in a crocodile costume. and he did the saturday boy, which interestingly was a name i'd been considering using for the band before i thought of the boy least likely to. or maybe that isn't very interesting at all.

other moments from the festival. um, seeing kevin rowland walking around, even though i missed his dj set on friday night. gossip doing a cover of careless whisper. listening to the shy child album by the rough trade stall. seeing someone wearing a boy least likely to t shirt. i'm always surprised when i meet someone or see someone who actually knows who we are. and missing kate nash because i was asleep on the floor outside my tent but getting back just in time to hear her do merry happy, which is probably my favourite song off her album, if only for the lines "i can be alone, yeah, i can watch a sunset on my own." i think that's nice.

"too much success can ruin you as surely as too much failure."

the guardian is giving away these funny little books every day at the moment with great interviews of the twentieth century in. yesterday there was the truman capote interview with marlon brando. i remember reading it when i was at college in a collection of truman capote short stories and stuff, but i'd forgotten all about it and then i was reading it yesterday and remembered how good it was and so i thought i'd include some of the marlon brando quotes in this weblog. just for fun.

"sensitive people are so vulnerable; the more sensitive you are, the more certain you are to be brutalised, develop scabs.
never evolve. never allow yourself to feel anything
because you always feel too much."



We kind of met Billy Bragg at Bestival too, he was stood 2 yards away from us while Fionn Regan was on, Sunday lunchtime I think. Quite a few people went over to talk to him and he seemed to be very welcoming and charming.

Last year at Bestival we saw you play and loved you, I'd discovered your music after stumbling accross an album review of best party, on an american site, popmatters. We saw you play night and day in my home city of Manchester as well, that was a lovely gig, intimate, a real party. Good luck with the new album, looking forward to hearing it.

Posted by: Northerndave | 22 September 2007

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