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29 August 2007

land of hope and bloody glory

it's nearly the end of august, almost a year since hugging my grudge came out as a single. we've been mixing the new album for the last couple of weeks now. i can't always be here at the moment, but pete and jamie are doing a lovely job without me, and i'm coming in to the studio whenever i can. we're halfway through mixing the fourth song, which is actually the last song on the album. i'm really happy with what we've mixed so far. i just hope other people like it, i didn't used to care when we were making the first album because i didn't expect anyone to ever hear it, but i guess i'm a bit more aware of caring about this one because i want everyone that liked the first album to like this one just as much.

on monday someone came in to play fiddle on three tracks and then tomorrow we'll be recording all the brass sections. i'm very excited about the brass because we're going up to a studio in manchester to record with the grimethorpe colliery band. i think they'll be perfect for the sort of brass we want on the album. we want it to be quite sweet and mournful and sad, a bit like the brass in the flumps. and as soon as we decided we were going to be having brass on some of the songs we knew that we wanted the grimethorpe colliery band to play on them, so it's really nice that it's been made possible. we'll try and film some of the recording if we can and put it up somewhere.

my brother has started doing some drawings for the artwork as well, and they look amazing. there's a drawing of a machine that he's been working on for a month or so that i really love. it's so nice when everything starts to take shape.

and we moved to a new studio last week, we didn't move very far, just next door, but it's bigger and there's more space for all our silly instruments and we can rehearse in here too hopefully. and it's got a parrot fish in it that we don't really know what to do with. he seems quite happy though, if a little bit fat.



brilliant! good luck with everything. :)

Posted by: heinrich | 29 August 2007

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