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21 February 2007

snowflakes melting on my tongue

current listening: maher shalal hash baz – l'autre cap

i'm just sitting in the studio listening to jamie mixing some drums. it's the sort of thing that i would usually sleep through. and i am feeling quite tired, but i thought i'd try and do something a bit more constructive. so here is a blog.

we've been in the studio recording the new album for the last couple of weeks since we finished the uk tour. bits of drums and banjo and the usual things. i've sung a couple of vocals for two of the songs, and they were surprisingly painless. and i only changed the words on one of them afterwards so i wasn't too annoying. we've been doing the guardian crossword every day and we've completed it most days. except for saturday, but that was because the crossword was wrong. unless the answer to the clue "traffic light" was "abbot" and the term for a high ranking monk really is "catnap". and we haven’t completed today's yet but i've only had a quick look at it.

rob came in yesterday to do some recording. it was nice to see him. he's playing drums for the loves next week for a few shows and he's also going to be doing some stuff with a band called the school, which is the side project of liz from the loves. it sounds really lovely, but the download buttons on their myspace page don’t seem to work so i couldn't steal the songs. damn them. rob has promised me a cd as soon as he has one but i'm not sure how reliable he is. and i bought technicolour, the new album by the loves as well last week. and that sounds really great too. it reminds me of the pooh sticks and sounds like what i imagine might happen if bobby gillespie joined the bmx bandits. which is a good thing.

and i've been listening to lots of other stuff recently too so i might just write about that for a bit. i bought the lucky lucky pigeons single after i read about it on alistair fitchett's unpopular blog. and i can't stop listening to it. three little electro indie pop songs about marshmallows and something that goes quack quack but might not be a duck. i think the words to the songs are on their myspace page but i can’t get that to work either. i could however download another song that wasn't on the happy birds day ep called 'keep on kingie', so now i have four lucky lucky pigeons songs. brilliant. for some reason it reminds me of 'blisters and bruises', the first shampoo single, but i'm not really sure why. and they remind me a bit of bis and a bit of cansei de ser sexy too but that's what alistair fitchett wrote so i'm just copying him by writing that. and talking of cansei de ser sexy i just downloaded their remix of the loney dear song 'the city, the airport' from rough trade digital and that sounds great too. i know i should just be using the abbreviation of css when i write about cansei de ser sexy but i like the way the words look and i've never been happy abbreviating band names to initials. it's all a bit fgth and ebtg for me. i don't really like it when we become tbllt. because it isn't a word and i like words.

and another song i really love at the moment is by my pal foot foot, a band from japan named after the shaggs song i guess, unless there's some other reference point for my pal foot foot that i don't know about. i only have one song of theirs but i think it's really beautiful. it's called 'here is very' and it was on a compilation called 'songs for nao: fourteen bands from japan'. it reminds me of maher shalal hash baz with its trumpet or whatever it is and cautiously strummed acoustic guitar. it has a girl singing but i'm not really sure what the words mean. it sounds terribly sad whatever it is. i'm trying to get hold of some more of their stuff but i'm finding it difficult. so in the meantime i'm just going to have to have to make do with the new maher shalal hash baz album, which i just picked up in rough trade. i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet so i can't write anything about it other than that i'm very excited.

and i've been listening to we show up on radar for the last couple of weeks too. i got sent directions by andy to a secret place online where i would find twelve of their tracks available to download after he'd obviously got fed up with me asking for a copy of their cd for the last six months. i'm not sure if it's an album or whatever it is and i'm not sure if it's in the right running order but it seems to make sense as an album in the order i downloaded it in so i'm going to assume it's an album. anyway, whatever it is it's amazing. kind of like a cross between milk eyed mender by joanna newsom and capitol k. or dntel. it's got quite a few songs that i hadn't heard before on there and some of the ones i know from seeing them live. particular favourites at the moment are 'the feeling i’m without you (is a very bad feeling)', 'hold the fort' and 'the little things i've lost'. and i love the bit in 'an animal sports day' where it goes "i tried to explain to you and you didn’t believe me" because suddenly it sounds really sad and i wonder if perhaps it isn't really a song about an animal sports day at all.

and i just picked up a copy of the new au revoir simone single 'fallen snow'. which is ever so wintery in a breezy sort of way, and which i'm still going to describe as indie poptronica, which i think is how i described their album when i wrote about it in a blog a christmas or two ago, even though i'm still not sure if indie poptronica has developed into an actual genre yet but that's what i'm calling it until it does. or until someone else comes up with something i think suits it better.

and i bought wincing the night away by the shins and tones of town by field music last week as well but i should really get back to recording now so i won't write anything about them until i've had a chance to listen to them properly. and anyway they've been written about a lot everywhere else by lots of other people who are much better at writing about music than i am. and i bought hissing fauna, are you the destroyer by of montreal. which was a bit too funky for me, but maybe i'll try again with it next week.

anyway, i'd better get back to recording now. la la la and all that.


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