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29 January 2007

tour mixtapes

this weblog is for all the people that have emailed us or asked us after shows about the songs that played over the pa before we came on. it's a list of the tracks that make up the three compilations that played before and between all the bands on the last tour. sadly none of these cds are available in the shops.

the first compilation is the one that played as soon as the doors opened and up until the first band came on. because the doors were only just opening or sometimes hadn't opened at all yet there often wasn't anyone else in the venue to hear the songs at the beginning of the compilation except bar staff and sound engineers. and me.

glen campbell and bobbie gentry – little green apples
dean martin – little ole wine drinker, me
lee hazlewood – feathers
sandie shaw – always something there to remind me
the beach boys – sloop john b
velvet underground – i'm sticking with you
televison personalities – arthur the gardener
king missile – muffy
razorcuts – big pink cake
the pooh sticks – on tape
the vaselines - son of a gun
talulah gosh – steaming train
marine girls – honey
mary lou lord – some jingle jangle morning (when i'm straight)
comet gain – say yes!
bmx bandits – figure 4
camera obscura – eighties fan
the groovy little numbers – you make my head explode
belle and sebastian – step into my office, baby
bananarama – young at heart
altered images – i could be happy

this next compilation played between the first support band going off and the second support band coming on. it was meant to be just a mix of stuff from the last year or so that we’d liked. i don't think it ever got played beyond the long blondes, but you need those emergency songs there in case something goes wrong with the change over.

we show up on radar – the feeling i'm without you
peter, bjorn and john – young folks
cansei de ser sexy - alcohol
i'm from barcelona – we're from barcelona
el perro del mar – it's all good
the pipettes – pull shapes
camera obscura – lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
the bicycles - i know we have to be apart
absentee – you try sober
the long blondes – once and never again
the view – wasted little dj's
love is all – spinning and scratching

this next compilation played before we came on. we usually came on towards the beginning of since yesterday.

ivor cutler – beautiful cosmos
daniel johnston – true love will find you in the end
the ramones – baby i love you
katrina and v twin – gifted
the pastels – speeding motorcycle
teenage fanclub – ballad of john and yoko
cornershop – england's dreaming
huggy bear – her jazz
kenickie – come out 2nite
denim – middle of the road
strawberry switchblade – since yesterday
the go gos – vacation
altered images – don't talk to me about love

and this is the song that played after we came off stage.

the shangri-las – past, present and future

i hope all that helps


20 January 2007

between norwich and glasgow

current listening: ghostface killah - more fish

i’m sitting in oran mor in glasgow. it’s an old church. it’s really lovely inside. alex our tour manager has just reversed our tour bus into a wall so now he’s trying to superglue the lights back together again. we’ve been out on tour for five days now. we began in norwich on monday night. in another church. we seem to be playing a lot of churches on this tour. it was really nice to play a headline show again. i think the last headline show we’d played before norwich was at the knitting factory in new york last june. everything we’ve done since then has been a festival or a support slot. so i was much more nervous than usual. the show went really well i think. we all really enjoyed it anyway. but something happened at the show. something that left us all feeling quite sad. but we didn’t find out about it until the next day when we drove to brighton to play at the komedia. when we were unpacking all our stuff we noticed that something was missing. the guiro. it wasn’t in it’s usual box with all the other percussion. we looked everywhere but we couldn’t find it. it was a very special guiro that we bought in dinky town in minneapolis to replace the old guiro that i’d given away to someone in la for their birthday. it was a lovely yellow colour and it made a really nice sound. we started to think that maybe we’d left it at the venue in norwich but that didn’t seem very likely. anyway, for the brighton show i ended up having to use a strathglen water bottle instead of a guiro because by the time we’d realised it was missing all the shops had shut.

losing the guiro would have been sad enough as it was, but the next day our sadness turned to disappointment and anger when someone texted us to tell us that a comment had appeared on our myspace page from someone at the norwich show boasting about how their friend had stolen our guiro from the front of the stage. it must have been taken while we went offstage before the encore. which is something we don’t usually do and certainly won’t be doing again in norwich without making sure we have all our instruments with us. i had been looking forward to going back to norwich again next time we went on tour because i’d really enjoyed the show but now i think we would have to think very carefully about it. i just don’t feel safe there anymore. i don’t know. maybe the thief just got a bit over excited and didn’t really mean any harm. and he does look quite happy with his new guiro in the picture that he posted on his myspace page. so maybe i shouldn’t be too angry.

anyway, the brighton show was quite special and amanda applewood made a surprise appearance to play god takes care of the little things and then we went out in brighton afterwards to the fishbowl. which was fun. and then after brighton we went to bristol. i always like going to bristol and lots of people had come all the way from cardiff to see us which was really nice of them. although our bubble machines short circuited the whole of the on stage electrics during the little ones’ soundcheck so we couldn’t use them. and then after bristol we went on to nottingham. we got there really early so we had plenty of time for shopping in selectadisc and they had a really cheap hip hop cd section so i got a couple of jay z albums and life after death by nororious big because i’ve only got them on vinyl and i wanted to put them on my ipod. then we went back to the rescue rooms for the show. our balloons kept heating up and popping during the little ones set so sorry to them about that. i don’t know what was happening with our balloons in nottingham. and loney, dear got stuck in traffic because of the winds so they only got there with about five minutes to spare so emil had to do a solo acoustic show which turned out to be really special. and luckily none of our balloons exploded during his set. i loved the nottingham show. and someone baked us cakes but i stupidly gave them all away to the audience so i don’t know what they tasted like. and i felt really bad about it afterwards and i’m sorry. and afterwards someone told me i reminded them of their friend’s eight year old son. i wonder if he has a beard too.

and then we left nottingham at seven o clock in the morning to drive to glasgow. we’re playing in oran mor. we have the most amazing dressing room ever. it’s like an advert for carlsberg. they don’t make dressing rooms but if they did they would probably be the best dressing rooms in the world. and they would look just like this one. i want to just sleep the night here. the only drawback is that there’s a ghost here. it makes itself apparent by sending you to the fourth floor in the lift when you want to go down from the third floor. not particularly scary i suppose but still i’m not that happy about it.