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18 December 2006

top ten albums of the year

current listening: saint etienne – what have you done today, mervyn day?

so. it's almost christmas. and almost the end of the year. which means it's time for me to think about my end of year lists. my top tens and all that. so here are some of my favourite things from this last year. and some of pete's too, because this year he decided to do his top ten albums of the year too.

so here's pete's top ten albums of the year. he's used capital letters and everything.

1. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy – The Letting Go
2. The Flaming Lips – At War With The Mystics
3. Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat
4. Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
5. Charlotte Gainsbourg – 5.55
6. M Ward – Post War
7. Sufjan Stevens – The Avalanche
8. Thom Yorke – Eraser
9. Def Leppard – Hysteria Reissue
10. Joanna Newsom – Ys

and this is my top ten albums of the year. i should apologise at this point to hatesomethingbeautiful.com who asked us for our favourite albums of the year a couple of weeks ago, because this list is slightly different to the one i gave them. this is due to two things. firstly, when i was putting together my top ten i made a list of about twenty albums that i'd really liked, which included the cansei de ser sexy album, but then somewhere along the way this album disappeared without me noticing due to a cut and paste error that i must've made. so it got missed out of the top ten i sent them. secondly, i had to submit my top ten before december and the lee hazelwood album didn't come out until the first week of december so that wasn’t in there either. so i've had to make space in my top ten for those albums and some things have moved down and two albums have fallen out of the top ten altogether.

anyway, here's my top ten.

1. the bicycles – the good the bad and the cuddly
2. jenny lewis and the watson twins – rabbit fur coat
3. joanna newsom – ys
4. cansei de ser sexy – cansei de ser sexy
5. el perro del mar – el perro del mar
6. isobel campbell and mark lanegan – ballad of the broken seas
7. lee hazelwood - cake or death
8. belle and sebastian – the life pursuit
9. treecreeper - grain
10. camera obscura – let's get out of this country

and now i've looked at pete’s list and realised he's included a reissue in his top ten. i didn't realise reissues counted and now i'm thinking i should have put the heartworn highways soundtrack in my top ten. even if it isn't technically a reissue. anyway, that's my top ten. i think.

i've also included a list below of previous winners of my album of the year award for the past ten years. just because it's the sort of thing they used to do in smash hits.

1996 belle and sebastian – if you're feeling sinister
1997 cornershop – when i was born for the seventh time
1998 kenickie – get in
1999 mogwai – come on die young
2000 badly drawn boy – the hour of bewilderbeast
2001 moldy peaches – moldy peaches
2002 the flaming lips – yoshimi battles the pink robots
2003 bright eyes - lifted or the story is in the soil keep your ear to the ground
2004 joanna newsom – milk eyed mender
2005 kanye west – late registration

and here are my top ten singles of the year.

1. the flaming lips - the yeah yeah yeah song
2. the long blondes - once and never again
3. the pipettes - pull shapes
4. i'm from barcelona - we're from barcelona
5. amy winehouse - rehab
6. loney, dear - the city, the airport
7. nicky wire - break my heart slowly
8. lily allen - littlest things
9. kitty, daisy and lewis - mean son of a gun
10. absentee - something to bang

i've read a lot of books and i thought about my favourite book of the year, but none of the books i've read actually came out this year. apart from 'blind willow, sleeping woman' by haruki murakami, so i guess that's my favourite book of the year by default. it would have probably been something by haruki murakami anyway even if i had picked a book that didn't come out this year.

favourite film. i'm rubbish with watching films when they come out because i can never be bothered to go to the cinema, so i usually just wait for them to come out on dvd. so my award for best dvd of the year goes to the devil and daniel johnston. loved it.

and then there's the most sadly missed. two of my big heroes died this year. ivor cutler and grant mclennan. so they're my most sadly missed human beings. and i feel i should also mention smash hits magazine and top of the pops. both of which were cruelly killed off before their time.

and that's my end of year lists done. now i'll get on with recording the next album. which is a much more constructive thing to do with my time. and i might also make a new christmas compilation, which isn't constructive at all, but still seems quite important.



didy ou guys hear Yellow House? stunning if you haven't

far better than Ys in this humble TBLT fan's eyes

Posted by: sammy | 19 December 2006

Surprising yet cool to see the Nicky Wire track in your favorite singles.

Posted by: Sean | 20 December 2006

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