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31 October 2006

between swindon and brighton

current listening: isobel campbell - milkwhite sheets

after nottingham came swindon and then after swindon came plymouth. i think these were probably my favourite shows of the tour so far. not that i didn't enjoy the shows before or after that, but there was something about these three shows that was really special. and someone threw knickers at us.

cardiff was good too, but i'd eaten a bit too much before the show so i felt quite fat on stage. then after cardiff came reading. i really enjoyed reading too. but i've always liked playing in reading for some reason. i decided not to eat before i went onstage. it seemed to help with the whole feeling fat thing.

i went record shopping with pete and rob in the morning of the cardiff show. went to spillers. i bought the cansei de ser sexy album. i know i know, everyone else bought it months ago but i'm a bit slow sometimes. pete bought the new isobel campbell album which i'm listening to at the moment. and that sounds really lovely. i'd already heard bits of it because some of the tracks were on the o love is teasin album club cd thing that i got when i bought the ballad of the broken seas album. and i picked up a copy of the new cd86 compilation, which i listened to on the way down to plymouth. it's good i guess. some really good stuff on there. a lot of things that were on my twentieth anniversary of c86 compilation that i was making for myself. particularly 'golden showers' by the boy hairdressers and 'on tape' by the pooh sticks. but there's some weird stuff on there. stuff that came out long after the c86 compilation. it's not a problem really it just makes it a bit confusing. and if they were going to include 'anorak city' by another sunny day and 'pristine christine' then they should have put the field mice and other stuff that came out after the c86 compilation on there too. and miaow aren't on there, and they were on the original compilation. and and. talulah gosh was spelt wrong on the back cover of the sleeve. it's the little things.

we're in brighton tonight. nice to be by the sea and all that.



Just wanted to tell you guys that we love you in Omaha, Nebraska! I know you didn't quite like touring in the US, but I am so freaking pleased you did! I love your album. All of it. Makes me feel like a kid again. I love to revisit that part of me all the time ( the child within). Hey, now that you guys are signed with 19 recording, when are you going to release in the US? And are you working on a new slice? Hungry for more of your work!!! :) Just a friend in Omaha....Rock on, Daylen.

Posted by: Daylen O'Dell | 08 November 2006

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