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24 October 2006

between aberdeen and nottingham

current listening: treecreeper - grain

a lot has happened in the last week or so. and now i have to try and remember everything.

we've been on tour with razorlight this last week. which has been really fun. we're back off to nottingham again this afternoon. and i can't stop watching late night quiz shows. the ones that run between midnight and five in the morning. the ones where people call in and have to guess a word that completes a well known phrase or have to solve a riddle or something. the ones which no one ever seems to actually win. i'm obsessed with them. at the same time as being deeply suspicious of them. i introduced adam and rob to make your play on itv after the aberdeen show. the particular game required viewers to ring in with a well known phrase or word that started with the word "hand". the word "hand" could be part of another word or the first word in a particular phrase. i think they thought it seemed like quite a boring idea for a tv show at first, but by four o clock in the morning they were as excited as i was every time the studio phone rang. there were two answers on the board out of seven. "hand luggage" and "hand cream". we had our own ideas about things that it could be. i think our favourites were "hand me down", "hand in glove" and "hand held", but no one rang into suggest any of these. a lot of callers did however keep suggesting the word "handsome". and my favourite suggestion of the night came when someone called in with the answer "hand brush". i have no idea what a hand brush is. i don't know anyone who has a brush specifically for brushing their hands. come to think of it i don't know anyone who brushes their hands. in the end i fell asleep before i could find out what the words were. this often happens. i will stay up until three or four o clock in the morning watching make your play, making a list of all the words or phrases that i think are likely to come up and then i'll fall asleep before the programme finishes and before i can find out the answers. the next night in hull we stayed up again afterwards to watch it. this time the word or phrase that we were looking for began with the two letter word "up". within the first twenty minutes two answers out of seven had already been revealed. "up periscope" and "up" something else that i can't remember. again we had our own favourite possible answers. "upholstery", "upsy daisy" and "up the ante". and we paid adam cash to ring in for us because he was the only one of us with any reception on his phone in the hotel. he rang in seven times but never got through. i guess you have to call in more times than that to actually get through to the studio. anyway, i fell asleep before the end of the programme again and having never made it through to the end of the programme before, i assumed that they didn't reveal the answers at the end of the show, just because they never used to on quizmania, the quiz show that used to be on between midnight and five o clock in the morning. so imagine my surprise and excitement the next day when rob and adam came up to me at breakfast with the news that on make your play they reveal the answers when the word puzzle runs out of time. not only that but they'd also persuaded stef to record the last ten minutes of the previous night's show on his laptop so i would finally learn which other words or phrases beginning with the word "up" were there in the puzzle. none of our three top possibilities were in there. the top answer was "upper circle". only one of our answers was in there and that was the phrase "up field". but i don't think we would have suggested that even if we had got through. we had our hearts set on "upholstery".

i bought some new cds last week too and i've been listening to a lot of new things on my ipod on the bus so i thought i'd mention them. i finally got a finished copy of the new album by treecreeper. i’ve had a copy of the unmastered album for a while now but as it’s released this week i thought i’d mention it. it’s such a beautiful beautiful record. if you only buy one alt country record this year, make sure it’s grain by treecreeper. and me and pete get a thank you on the record, which i think is the first time that's ever happened. exciting. it's album of the week in the rough trade shops this week too, which i think is the only place you can buy it at the moment and so i've inserted a link in case anyone wants to know how to get hold of it. this is the link to buy it from the rough trade shop.

and i've been listening to a new song that i downloaded from the we show up on radar myspace page. it's really lovely. it's attention to the little details reminds me of joanna newsom and it's all delicate and careful to begin with and then ends up all big and orchestral and swelling. it's called 'the feeling i'm without you (is a very bad feeling)' and it can be downloaded from their myspace page which you can go to by clicking on the words in blue. if you click on the blue word treecreeper it takes you to their myspace page. yes, i am teaching myself very basic html code.

and i've been listening a lot to a couple of solo albums made by two members of two of my favourite bands. firstly, the new album by nicky wire, which is a big mess of a record in all the best ways. it reminds me of the jesus and mary chain and lots of other shambolic C86 bands. 'break my heart slowly' keeps reminding me of 'pristine christine' by the sea urchins. and i like the quote that begins the song...

"it's scary to watch someone you love go into the centre of himself and confront his fears... fear of failure, fear of death, fear of going insane. you have to fail a little, die a little, go insane a little to come out the other side."

i like that. and i think the album is brilliant. a nice surprise. something that wasn't a nice surprise was 'leaving songs' by stuart a staples. not because it wasn’'t nice or because i didn't like it. but just because it wasn't a surprise. i knew it would be beautiful. i don't know why it took me so long to buy it. the duet with maria mckee is one of the best things he's ever done. it's a lovely thing to listen to as you stare out of the window driving up through scotland.

and i bought 'hallways and always' by william elliot whitmore and jenny hoyston from erase erata, so i've been listening to that a bit. and the new bright eyes rarities compilation. but i haven't listened to that enough to write about it yet.

i've just got off the phone from doing a phone interview with the japanese magazine cookie scene and now i'm late and i have to leave for nottingham, but i'll try and post something more exciting in the next couple of days. a big thank you to all the razorlight fans at the shows for being so nice to us so far. and a big thank you to andy from razorlight for getting me some cider added to our rider. i would be lost without it. well, maybe not lost. just sober.



I just saw you at Nottingham, and am now a fan.
Excellent performance.
Will be buying any material you release.
Keep it up.

Posted by: Jamie | 25 October 2006

you boys are awesome...when u have nothing to think about...maybe think about coming to VANCOUVER!

Posted by: in a red dress | 25 October 2006

i saw u in aberdeen!
i was pretty near the front you might have seen me screaming...
you were great! can't wait till january!

Posted by: fiona | 25 October 2006

Hi, I saw you last night at the Razorlight gig in Reading, just wanted to say you were really great, loved you stuff!

Posted by: Ceri | 30 October 2006

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