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17 August 2006

the violets in the mountains have broken the rocks

current listening: lambchop - damaged


“they simply came,
and they kept on coming.
as if not from the sod but falling from heaven.
our lives were still a raid on our own good luck.
we knew we'd live forever. we had not learned
what a fleeting glance of the everlasting
daffodils are.”

daffodils are my favourite flowers. easy. i like gerberas too. but daffodils are definitely my favourites. always have been. i think i like daffodils because there’s something a bit simple about them. other flowers always seem so complicated compared to daffodils. and other flowers always seem to be too sure of themselves. too pompous. a little bit snobby. but there’s nothing pompous about a daffodil. daffodils will grow anywhere. they don’t care about fancy soils or hand painted pots. whenever i have to travel into london it always cheers me up to see big clumps of daffodils growing in central reservations and on roundabouts and next to grit bins. watching daffodils grow is like watching a child run around a house with a sheet of stickers with glittery ponies on, sticking them all over everything. you probably don’t think much of it at the time, but it’s always nice to be surprised by a glittery pony sticker a month later when you’re not expecting it at all. daffodils are like that.

daffodils are quite self sufficient too. like daisies and dandelions. but there are other flowers that are so needy. always wanting to be watered and clipped and petted and pruned. daffodils and daisies and dandelions aren’t like that. they just get on with it. and i like that daffodils always seem so excitable too. they don’t seem to care that it’s often still snowing when they first appear. and then they always die too soon as well. which is sad. and a bit poetic too. i think that’s why we chose a daffodil as the image for the too young to die label logo. because it’s all bright and yellow but a bit sad at the same time.