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14 July 2006

thinking about tortoises. again.

current listening: the bicycles - the good the bad and the cuddly


just watching jay z on the tv. i’ve always liked tortoises. always felt a sort of empathy with them. jay z has nothing to do with tortoises. i just thought i’d mention that i was watching a jay z video and then i started thinking about tortoises. i often think i’d like a tortoise as a pet. i like their calmness. there’s something quite admirable about the way they make their way through the world. they don’t seem overly concerned with what the rest of the world is getting up to. i imagine that tortoises are quite secure in themselves. if a tortoise had a myspace page i don’t imagine it would check it very often. it certainly wouldn’t worry about how many friends it had compared to all the other animals. maybe it’s got something to do with them having a shell. i’m thinking about tortoises because i was just reading a book by kazuo ishiguro and i read this:

“i suppose i do not on the whole greatly admire the tortoises of this world. while one may appreciate their plodding steadiness and ability to survive, one suspects their lack of frankness, their capacity for treachery. and i suppose, in the end, one despises their unwillingness to take chances in the name of ambition or for the sake of a principle they claim to believe in... they will never accomplish anything above the mediocre.”

which i thought was a bit mean. kazuo ishiguro definitely doesn’t seem to have much time for tortoises. which is odd because the fact that they will “never accomplish anything above mediocre” is part of the very reason i do like tortoises so much. not necessarily because they will never amount to anything, because there are lots of things that will never amount to anything that i don’t admire at all. no, i like tortoises because tortoises don’t seem to care about never amounting to anything. it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. i admire their lack of ambition. their quiet acceptance of things. they have no desperate desire to ‘make something’ of themselves. they are a tortoise. and being a tortoise is enough for them. simply existing is enough for them. and i think that’s what makes them different. and i think that’s why i like them so much. i wish i could be more like a tortoise sometimes.


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