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07 June 2006

on the way to boulder, co

current listening: camera obscura – let’s get out of this country

it’s ten o clock at night. our tour bus broken down again. in the middle of utah this time. about five hours from las vegas, where we came from. and about five hours from green river, where we were driving to. we’re just sitting at the side of the road. the nearest town is about an hour away. i can see a couple of houses in the distance and a lot of dusty rocks. we’ve been here for about four hours. waiting for a pick up truck to come and tow us back to the nearest town. if we ever get back there we will hopefully get the bus fixed and then leave for boulder colorado at about four in the morning so we can get there in time to play the show. i don’t think we’ll make it in time for the instore at albums on the hill. sorry to everyone who was planning to come to see us there.

we went out in las vegas last night for a couple of hours. it wasn’t for me i’m afraid. the bicycles loved it though apparently. so much so that some of them passed out on the street. i was expecting it to be amazing. and i guess it was, but it was weird. it was amazing but that’s all it was. i was amazed by it but i felt nothing else at all. i was just amazed. i went on a slot machine and gambled a dollar and won one cent. i collected the credit slip, but decided not to cash it in. i thought the one cent slip was a more exciting souvenir. a lasting reminder of my relentless bad luck.

the tow truck has turned up. but there seems to be a bit of a problem with attaching the tour bus to the tow truck.

alistair just found a dead rattlesnake in the grass outside the bus. i’m not happy about it. i’m staying on the bus.

and now a traffic cop has just turned up. he’s talking to nigel about weetabix and rhyming slang and churches in the north of england. i’m not sure if we’ll be moving anywhere anytime soon, another tour bus is hopefully on its way to us from los angeles. it should get to us by about half past four in the morning, if we haven’t moved anywhere by then.

we had lunch today in the cracker barrell in cetah in utah. an old country store with about forty rocking chairs lined up on the porch outside. i found some fantastic plastic plates and some john deere oven gloves in the restaurant shop. yep. i find that sort of thing exciting.

and now it’s half past five in the morning. our new bus has just turned up, which is nice. i’m in my new bed. it’s on the top this time. usually i take one of the floor beds. bit worried about rolling out of bed in the morning and forgetting i’m five feet off the ground. i might switch with adam while he’s not looking. he probably wouldn’t notice anyway. there are only eight beds and there are nine of us, so one of us will have to sleep on the sofa.

hopefully we’ll make it to boulder one day. i think it might be nice.


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