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05 June 2006

las vegas


today is our first day off. we thought we were staying in las vegas. until pete and me had this conversation with dave, our bus driver, as we drove into las vegas.

dave: so, have you guys ever been to las vegas before?

pete: no, no we haven’t. what’s it like?

dave: oh, it’s amazing.

pete: yeah, it looks amazing

dave: yep. pity we’re not staying here.

pete: huh? i thought we were.

dave: no, we’re staying in north las vegas.

pete: oh, what’s there?

dave: nothing at all.

and then we drove merrily through the entertainment mecca of the world to north las vegas. half an hour down the road, to a holiday inn in the middle of nowhere. i think we’ll try and get some cabs into las vegas central later though. i’m looking to buy lots of crap.

it’s been a couple of days since i’ve written any sort of blog. i had a bit of trouble getting online. last time i wrote anything i was in portland. we left there at about half past midnight i think. it seems a long way off now. and then we drove all night to appear in san francisco for midday. we went down to the venue to load out all our instruments and stuff. the great american music hall is a really beautiful building. they told us we weren’t allowed to use bubble machines though. something about a code nine slippage factor or something. and then we went over to amoeba records to do an instore. which was brilliant. a big thank you to everyone who came down to see us, and waited around afterwards to say hello. amoeba gave us a t shirt and free cds to say thank you. which was a lovely surprise. i had to do a last minute trolley dash round the store. i bought five albums. a lee hazelwood and ann margret album called ‘the cowboy and the lady’, um, ‘nancy in london’, the new camera obscura album. very exciting. the album that goes with the new daniel johnston film. and the go betweens spring hill fair double disc thing. brilliant. instores in america are brilliant.

then we rushed back over to the great american music hall to soundcheck. the show was really really good. even if there weren’t any bubbles. i couldn’t believe so many people turned up to see us. phew.

we left san francisco in the morning at some point. i must have been asleep still. and then when i woke up we were in los angeles. i had orange sherbet sorbet and melon slices for breakfast. i imagine this to be the sort of breakfast people have in los angeles. we drove straight over to fingerprints records in long beach to play another instore. they do the most amazing posters for all the bands that play instores there. the walls are covered in them. hopefully they’ll collect them all together in a book one day.


and, as with amoeba, they gave us free cds and some prints of the poster. this time i went for a couple of cat power cds and ‘bug’ by dinosaur jr. i was just in that sort of mood. then we rushed over to the roxy on sunset boulevard to soundcheck. last time we were in los angeles it was right at the end of our five week tour, and none of us thought we were particularly great that night. so this time we really wanted to make up for that. and i can honestly say i’ve never sweated so much onstage before. i even used one of the james brown towels that nigel puts onstage every night. for the first time ever. after the show we met some lovely fans at a meet n greet thing, and then we went back to the bus. there was a man sitting outside our bus with a long grey beard and a mouse. he was playing jazz on a keyboard on his lap. it reminded me a bit of wesley willis. but not as good. apparently he’d been telling everyone it was his tour bus all night. funny.

anyway, that’s about it. i’m going to go and buy some tacky souvenirs now.


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