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02 June 2006

portland, or

current listening: the bicycles – the good the bad and the cuddly


last night’s show in seattle was really fun. we changed the set around a little bit and it seemed to work okay. we’ll probably change it again tonight though. it’s weird because we’ve got three new songs to work into the set now, so we’re still not sure how they all fit in yet. everyone at the venue was really nice. a big thank you again to everyone that came out to see us. especially as it was raining. and a big hello to everyone we met after the show. seattle reminds me a lot of england actually. wth all the rain and the hills.

we left seattle at about seven o clock this morning. i couldn’t sleep while we were moving so i got up and watched a bit of cd usa on the tiny little tv in my bunk. a singer called bo bice was on one of the shows. i’m not familiar with him. he moved in a funny way. he seemed to be a bit too tall for himself. he left me feeling quite confused. and then a few hours later we arrived in portland.

hello portland.

it’s raining here. we went out in it for a bit. thought about walking across the bridge to everyday records, but decided it was too wet. went to ozone records instead. didn’t buy anything. we’re doing an instore in amoeba tomorrow in san francisco. i’ll wait til then to buy things. we’re playing tonight at the doug fir lounge. it’s a really really amazing venue. all brand new and made out of logs. it’s like being in the log cabin set of twin peaks. without the weirdness and the pie. and the hotel is right next to the venue. matt from the bicycles described it as being like an “indie rock club med”. all that’s missing is a swimming pool. but i hate swimming anyway so it doesn’t really bother me. and anyway i’m already wet enough from the rain.

just sitting in our hotel room. funny. my tiger my heart has just come on the stereo in the bar next door. in a minute we’re going to have to go and soundcheck. so i’ll end this blog here and try and type something more tomorrow.

in the last blog i mentioned that food stuffs make unsuitable gifts for the boy least likely to. this of course does not include cakes.

cakes always make a lovely gift.



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