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30 May 2006

vancouver, bc

current listening: m craft – silver and fire

just sitting in my hotel room in vancouver. trying to get online. without much success. we landed yesterday at about three o clock in the afternoon, and then it took us a couple of hours to get our canadian visas sorted out. on the flight over we listened to the in flight radio and pete and me were on it with stuart maconie reviewing some albums. i’d forgotten all about doing it. we recorded it back in february. we sounded pretty goofy. made a couple of not too stupid comments. pete was better than me. he put a lot more thought into his comments. always the way. then once we’d got through immigration, we met the bus outside the airport. same sort of bus as last time. same trailer too. yep.

felt pretty weird. i couldn’t sleep on the plane so i was really tired and a bit confused by the time difference. pete and nigel and me went for some food at a place called the atlantic trap and gill. we couldn’t find everyone else, cos they’d gone on ahead of us and none of our american phones are working out here. when we walked in ewan maccoll was singing ‘mountain dew’ on the jukebox. and after that they played the whole of ‘if i should fall from grace with god’. reissue bonus tracks and everything. which is always a lovely thing to hear when you’re however many thousand miles away from home and feeling tired and confused and missing things. i had a couple of glasses of strongbow to help send me off to sleep. they served them with lemon slices in. which was a bit weird. lemon and cider. i don’t think it’s something i’ll be asking for in the swan when i get home.

went for breakfast this morning in a café called the elbow rooms. which, according to all the press cuttings on the wall is world famous for being rude to its customers. thought that was a bit odd. the waitress asked stef for his order with the words "what do you want, snotty boy?" he has got a cold. so fair enough i guess.

now, we’re just getting ready to leave for the venue. just listening to the new camera obscura single. which is fantastic. really excited about the new album coming out next week. before that i was listening to the new m craft album. it seems like ages since ‘emily snow’ came out as a single. the album sounds lovely on first listen.

so, tonight is the first show of the tour. really looking forward to seeing the bicycles, who are supporting us on all the dates. it’s always nice when you get a band you love playing shows with you.

i’ll write more tomorrow.


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