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13 March 2006

the summer of a dormouse

Current listening: The Research – Breaking Up

sunday night. i’m sitting in my hotel room in a holiday inn in hummelstown in Pennsylvania. there isn’t much to do here. we got here too late to visit the chocolate factory in hershey, and the fun park was closed. so we went to pizza hut instead. not quite as exciting. too much pizza. nothing in america is small. then we went to a gas station and i found a copy of elle girl magazine which has got a piece about us in. choosing some of our favourite songs. funny to come all the way to america and find us in a magazine. when we were in new york we found us on the cover of cmj magazine this month too. very weird going into a newsagents and seeing our goofy faces staring back at us.

we've played three shows in america so far. one in boston. one in new york. and one at at cornell university in ithica. really enjoyed them all. a big thank you to everyone who came along to see us. i hope you had fun. america is very big. it makes me feel very small. driving along i can't imagine how it feels to live in a country so large. i think i would feel completely lost if i lived here. it's so different to the little village that we come from. i like it in america though. it just takes some getting used to that's all. the show in ithica was really good. when we first turned up at the university i thought we were going to have a spinal tap at the air force base moment, but so many people turned up to see us, and knew the words to the songs, that it was really heartwarming. boston and new york were really enjoyable too. more like the shows that we're used to doing in england. we did encores every night. we don't ever expect to get encores, so we never hold any songs back for them, and always end up having to play one of our songs again. i guess we could save a song for an encore, but it seems kind of presumptuous if we do that.

we didn't have a show tonight, so we're just all sitting about twiddling our thumbs. we went shopping for a bit this morning. i bought a copy of broken flowers on dvd. it's not out in england yet. i love jim jarmusch films. i always got the same sense of america from his films that i get now that i'm actually here. the sense that the landscape is so much bigger than the people that exist in it. i love the way that jun and mitsuko in mystery train always seem to just be passing through shots while the landscape remains after they've gone. mystery train is one of my favourite jim jarmusch films. especially the section with jun and mitsuko in. i took the title from my last weblog from that bit of the film. and then there's all that stuff with the japanese plum. fantastic.

tomorrow we're playing in washington. i think we've got about a four hour drive to get there so i'm going to go to sleep now. if i can.


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