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30 January 2006

january sick and tired you've been hanging on me

Current listening: Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat

um, happy new year. even though the year isn’t really that new anymore. but happy anyway. i had a nice christmas. quiet but nice. i got a record player. one of those little portable vestax ones. which was fantastic, because i haven’t had a record player for a couple of years, despite my predilection for releasing vinyl only singles. so not only did did i get the record player but i effectively got my entire record collection back as well. current favourite golden oldies are ‘Futuristic Lover’ by Melody Dog, a version of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ by Even As We Speak and all my old Pooh Sticks records. although i did already have a lot of them on tape. ha ha. i didn’t really go out too much. christmas day and boxing day. and there was a kind of impromptu gig at the swan in Wendover on the day after boxing day with guest appearances from some local country folk luminaries back for christmas. most of Treecreeper, one of The Tailors, a John Cooper and Adrian from Glockenspiel. all very enjoyable. made me wish i could just pick up a guitar and play something. especially when it came to the rousing supergroup rendition of Springsteen’s ‘Racing In The Street’. sigh.

it wasn’t all golden oldie seven inches on my new record player though, i did buy some new records too. some of them definitely destined to become golden oldies one day too. my current favourite is the Jenny Lewis album, ‘Rabbit Fur Coat’. which is really really lovely. and the new album by Isobel Campbell and Mark Laneghan, which is all death and darkness and honey sweet sweetness. kind of like having a brand new Nancy and Lee album really. and i bought the Bod soundtrack and the Kes soundtrack. just for fun. but they don’t really count as new. and an album by a band called The Eighteenth Day Of May, which i didn’t know much about. but i think they might be playing one of the London shows with us next month. quite traditional folk. nice. i’m looking forward to seeing them. and i bought the Arctic Monkeys album too, just because i keep reading so much about it, but i haven’t listened to it yet.

other stuff to mention while i remember. we’re in a couple of magazines this week. there’s a bit in Time Out and a bit in Under The Radar and a bit in Paste magazine. which is nice. and then there’s a three page interview in Notion magazine, which features an interview that me and pete did just before christmas. it was the third or fourth interview we’d done that day so we’d been in the pub for quite a while, so if you read it you have to imagine a certain amount of slurring and uncharacteristic forthrightness on our part. a big thank you to matthew, the journalist who did the interview, for making us sound much more sober and articulate than we actually were by then.

apart from that, we’ve been in the studio for most of the year so far. starting to record the next album. we’ve done a bit of one song. i think i’m happy with the words, but i have a tendency to always want to change them after i’ve recorded them. much to pete’s annoyance. and then we’ve been rehearsing for the uk tour, which starts in a couple of weeks, and then we’re going to america, where i plan to buy andy kaufman dvds and nancy sinatra cds, because those sort of things just aren’t available to us in england. i don’t like to make big plans. simple ones are more easily achievable. the american tour has changed a lot in the last few weeks so if anyone was thinking of coming to see us then best to check our website or our myspace page for the latest dates and venues. and the bush hall show in london has sold out now so we’ll be adding an extra london date on to the end of the uk tour too. which we’ll put details of up on both sites as soon as we work out how to do it.

a lot of other stuff has probably happened or is happening which i’ve forgotten about. if i remember then i’ll add it next week. but it’s sunday and i’ve got old records to listen to. happy christmas all over again.