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27 July 2005

I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn's

Current listening: Orange Juice - The Glasgow School

yesterday i was on my way into the studio. and i went past a primary school in wandsworth. and it must have been sports day or something. and all the children were doing sports stuff and all their parents were standing about clapping about and eating sandwiches. all except for one girl. who was stood apart from everyone else. over in a corner of the field, out of the way from the from all the other children running around. this one girl was stood all by herself scowling and repeatedly kicking a tree. no one was watching her. she was just kicking and kicking. i don’t know why but i kind of knew exactly how she felt. after a while one of her friends came over to her and said something to her, and without taking her eyes off the tree, the girl who was kicking the tree picked up a branch and handed it to her friend. and her friend took the branch and started whacking the tree. and the other girl carried on kicking and kicking and kicking it. and i knew how they felt. i often feel like everyone else in the world is running around aimlessly and being applauded for it. and i’m just in the corner on my own. kicking the shit out of a tree.

we finally finished recording the b side for the next single yesterday too. the next single will now be ‘Paper Cuts’. definitely. for various not very interesting reasons. but it’s definitely ‘Paper Cuts’ and it’s getting pressed up next week so we can’t change our minds again. and it will be released on the nineteenth of september. and the b side will be ‘Rock Upon A Porch With You’. and we’ve got some other stuff coming up too. like the show on the seventeenth of august at the water rats theatre in london. it looks like it’s going to be our only date for the whole summer, unless you live in Sweden, and we’ve got Monster Bobby and Pellumair supporting us, which should be fantastic. i’ve only heard a little bit by Pellumair, but they’ve just signed to Rough Trade and they remind me of Galaxie 500, who i always loved. and i haven’t seen Monster Bobby play since the Notting Hill Arts Club gig we played with him in March, so i’m pretty excited about him playing too. i think there are full details of the show on the concerts page of the website and you can buy them from the Rough Trade shops or Ticketweb if anyone fancies it.

also i am starting to worry that i may never find time to write the second album now. because i have discovered something addictive and evil. sudoku. the number puzzle game. i had heard about people playing it before, and Joe from The Pipettes said he had been playing it when he was on tour with the Go! Team, but i thought nothing of it. and then i just started doing a couple of puzzles from one of the sudoku books that came free with a newspaper last week and now i can’t think about anything else. when i go to sleep i just keep going over and over it in my head. and i woke up at three o clock in the morning the other night and started doing it without even realising what i was doing. i can’t sleep and i can’t write and i can’t focus on anything else. i just see numbers and boxes and three by three grids. i think i might have to change the words of ‘I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes’ to ‘I See Sudoku When I Close My Eyes’. i’m in real trouble.

just quickly, a few new records i’ve got to mention. been listening a bit to the new Brakes album, Give Blood. i kind of like it. i guess it has its moments. i like the cover version of ‘Jackson’ with Liela Moss from Duke Spirit and i like ‘NY Pie’ and ‘Heard About Your Band’, but i was a bit disappointed by the collaboration with the Pipettes on a cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Sometimes Always’. maybe it’s just because i loved the original so much, and i miss Hope Sandoval’s voice on this version, however much i like the Pipettes. and then i finally got round to listening to the Two Gallants album, The Throes, and i kind of liked bits of that too when i was listening to it, but when i wasn’t sitting there listening to it properly and i just had it on in the background, it just sounded like someone was shouting and wailing into a tape recorder in a bathroom. which can just be annoying. mostly though i’ve just been listening to the new Orange Juice compilation, The Glasgow School, which has just come out on Domino. and it’s so fantastic to have all these songs together at last. especially because i never bought Ostrich Churchyard on cd. because there was a rubbish interview ten inch that came free with the vinyl. so it’s nice to have all those songs on cd. and it all still sounds as beautiful and messy and shit as it always did. sigh.

and that’s about it. not much else has happened. i’ve just been twiddling my thumbs and kicking my tree x

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