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24 June 2005

I'll close my eyes if I know that you're there

Current listening: Saint Etienne - Tales From Turnpike House

it’s friday morning. and i’m off into london in a minute or two to go to the rough trade shop in covent garden because William Elliott Whitmore is doing an instore this afternoon. i saw him last week at the Windmill in Brixton, supporting Clem Snide. i thought he was really amazing. like it said in the Plan B review of the album, his songs have the power to “silence your voice and goosebump your skin”. it’s completely true. when he came on and did the opening song acapella it was something else. spellbinding. not a word i use very often, but it seems to be the only way to describe it. and i don’t think i’ve felt like that about seeing someone live since i saw Joanna Newsom at the 12 bar last year, when both her and Micah P Hinson, who was supporting left me like that. so, really looking forward to this afternoon. a nice way to spend a friday lunchtime.

i’m only a few tracks into my first listen of the new Saint Etienne album, but so far it sounds really beautiful. just got to the song ‘Relocate’, and it sounds like David Essex is doing a duet with Sarah. i’ve checked the liner notes and he doesn’t seem to be directly credited but the songwriting credits say Essex/Stanley/Wiggs so i guess it probably is him. wow. always been a big fan of David Essex. especially the first two albums. anyway, favourite song off the Saint Etienne album so far is probably ‘Teenage Winter’, if only because it mentions there being copies of ‘Every Loser Wins’ by Nick Berry on the doorstep of the Charity Shop. i’ve always had a soft spot for that record. even though i know it’s complete shit.

apart from going to see William Elliott Whitmore in the evening, i spent last sunday hand stamping ‘Hugging My Grudge’ seven inches. took me most of the day and then i had to get up early on monday to paste together some inserts for the single. there are two different ones, so completists can look forward to trying to find them both. and if you buy it from Rough Trade it will be a signed copy. then tonight we’re rehearsing for the shows coming up at the beginning of July and for a couple of radio sessions we’re hopefully doing in the next couple of weeks. the two gigs are at the Brixton Windmill on the fourth of July and at the Heavenly Social on the sixth. i think full addresses are on the concerts page of the website.

anyway, i’ve got to get on a train now. happy everyday x

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