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23 April 2005

Still i dream of it

Current listening: The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike; Bananarama - Deep Sea Skiving; Denim - Denim On Ice

shit. just realised the london dates we’ve got coming up aren’t on the website yet and the first one is on monday 25th at Parker Place, which is at 51 Parker Street. nearest tube is Holborn. and it’s free to get in. john cooper and treecreeper playing too. both are fantastic and worth getting there early for. doors open at eight.hopefully anyone that wanted to know when we were playing next will read this.

back to the post. yet again it’s been a while since i last posted anything so now i have to try and remember what i’ve been doing again. er, we’ve been getting together all the promos for the Hugging My Grudge single and sorting out all the artwork for the seven inch. the cover has a picture of a cat (which looks a bit like a squirrel) with its arm around a ‘grudge’ (which looks a bit like a rock). and it’s on a really nice blue. and we’ve been in the studio writing and recording some new songs. a b side for the Be Gentle With Me single out in August. and some songs for the next album. and i’ve just seen the super 8 footage for the Hugging My Grudge video and there’s some really nice stuff. we had to reshoot alot of the footage that we’d originally done for the I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star video because we changed the choice of single. idiots.

listening to Bananarama too much. i’d forgotten how much i love the first album. i prefer the songs produced by Barry Blue, even though Tony Swain did most of the hits off it. the songs Tony Swain produced sound a bit dated now, all eighties keyboard orchestra stabs and polished drum sounds. but the Barry Blue songs like Hey Young London, What A Shambles and Young At Heart sound fantastic still. anyone that hasn’t got the album should really get hold of it, although i think it’s only available on import at the moment.

also listening to the Go! Team album, which is going to last me well into the summer. and reminds me of early New York City Hip Hop, and Huggy Bear and Betty Boo, and all sorts of other fantastic things. plus it uses a sample in Ladyflash of Down To Dover by Nancy and Lee. which is just one of my favourite songs by those two. and one of the saddest. the last verse breaks my heart every time.

and another song i’ve been listening to that got me thinking is Brown Eyes by Tender Trap. to be honest i didn’t really like the rest of the Tender Trap album, it just didn’t seem to work for me the way that Heavenly do. but then in the middle of it there’s this song, Brown Eyes, and it is so beautiful. and so sad. and i don’t know whether it’s beautiful because it’s sad. or if it’s sad because it’s beautiful. but either way when it came on the other day it just broke my heart. it starts off with what sounds like an old projector coming to the end of a reel, and then Amelia’s voice sounds so simple and plaintive. and kind of helpless i guess. and it got me thinking about pop music. and about the way that pop songs can convey sadness in a way that rock music can’t. rock doesn’t do ‘sad’ very well. in the same way that it doesn’t do ‘happy’ very well. it does ‘anger’ and ‘angst’. but pop music seems to be able to do ‘sadness’ and ‘happiness’ and other more simple feelings more easily. maybe it’s because sadness is quite childlike. and pop music allows room for more childlike emotions. whereas the heroics and dionysian nature of rock music doesn’t. i don’t know, maybe there are lots of sad rock songs out there but i just can’t think of them at the moment. i guess the Manic Street Preachers always did sad quite well. and REM too. but nothing compared with Brian Wilson, or Dusty Springfield, or the Shangri Las, or Tender Trap. and i guess perhaps that’s why i’m drawn to pop music. because i’m not particularly angsty. but often sad. and sometimes happy.

today. i am happy xx