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30 March 2005

Sometimes is something

current listening: dmx - it’s dark and hell is hot

it’s ten o clock on a tuesday night and i keep falling asleep. i think it must have been the four day bank holiday weekend that did it. just trying to remember what i did in the right order.

thursday night i went to Antenna at the nft. new videos from Beck and Chemical Brothers and Jimmy Edgar and Aesop Rock and Doves. all pretty good, but my favourite was a half finished animation for a song called ‘JCB’ by Nilzop. all about a boy who goes to work with his dad in his digger and stops the traffic. i can’t wait to see the whole of the video at the next one. it was a great song too. i don’t know why they left it til last to show it. it was the best video of the night.

rehearsing all day friday and i had a cold and i started to lose my voice by the end of it. kind of a worry. so i decided it was best if i didn’t go out. stayed in and watched the last episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer series seven. i’d been saving the last ever episode for a special occasion like a geek, and as it was good friday and i’d had kind of a rubbish one up until then i thought this was probably the moment. fantastic episode. watched it twice. i particularly liked this quote from Buffy talking to Angel...

“i always figured there was something wrong with me because i couldn’t make it work. but maybe i’m not supposed to. because... i’m cookie dough. i’m not done baking. i’m not finished becoming whoever the hell it is i’m gonna turn out to be. if i make it through this, and the next thing, and the next thing and maybe one day i’ll turn around and realise i’m ready. i’m cookies. and then if i want someone to eat... or enjoy warm delicious cookie me than that’s fine. that’ll be then. when i’m done.”

i like that.

and then on saturday we played at the notting hill arts club. i still had a cold so i was worried all day that my voice wouldn’t hold out, but in the end it seemed to. we played Battle Of The Boy Least Likely To for the first time. which was nice. sadly Amanda Applewood couldn’t do the show with us that night, but we managed to fumble our way through without her. the songs definitely missed having recorder and her vocals though. she should be back in time to play the next one in april. hopefully. a big thank you to everyone who came down. and to John Cooper, Treecreeper and Monster Bobby for playing aswell. and a big thank you to Jaime from The Tailors for playing some great records. i owe you a crate.

and then it was sunday and then it was monday and now it’s tuesday, nearly wednesday. the rest of the bank holiday weekend is a blur of stronglebergs and lemonade. special x


I just wanted to say that I got your album last week after hearing one of your songs on the BBC Collective website a while ago (yes, I am slow at acting on these things!) Anyway, I am really enjoying the album, so thank you very much for making it and please get some more gig times soon so that I can come and listen to you live :)


Posted by: Theresa | 06 April 2005

hi chaps. i see that you are going to be playing somewhere in april. any details yet? cheers. matt

Posted by: matt | 06 April 2005

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