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09 March 2005

Don't talk to me about love

Current Listening: The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes

wow. it seems like ages since i posted anything. i can't really remember everything i've done since then but i'll try. i remember friday night. i went down to the Bush Hall to see The Pipettes. they were so fantastic. the best band i have seen in so long. i kind of knew i would love them but they were even more than i expected. all Strawberry Switchblade polka dot dresses and Shangri Las call and response. and hand claps and dance routines. and songs about themselves. and and. and they remind me of Kenickie but they'll probably hate me for saying so. anyway, i bought badges. and now i am finding any excuse to use my computer so i can listen to the tracks on the website. my favourite is We Are The Pipettes. all the best bands have theme tunes. more bands should be like The Pipettes. less bands should be like Thirteen Senses. a big thank you to jon boy for emailing us and telling us about the gig and for saying nice things about our gig at the spitz when we weren't great and for putting our names on the door. and a big no thank you to the bar staff for charging me twice on my switch card for a bottle of wine. i know where you live. well, i don't. but i know where you work.

and so to the rest of my life. we have changed around the order that the singles are going to be released again. but this time we're sticking. now, in june we are releasing Hugging My Grudge instead of I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star. but the b side will still be Every Grubby Little Memory as planned. then after that we are releasing Be Gentle With Me. with new b sides again. for various not very interesting reasons. and next week we are rehearsing for the Notting Hill Arts Club gig on March 26th. trying to put some new songs into the set. in particular Monsters and The Battle Of The Boy Least Likely To. which reminds me i have to do some flyers for the gig. and we're back in the studio for the next couple of weeks recording b sides and starting to work on songs for the next album.

nothing much else has happened. i've just been thinking about stuff too much. and i don't like to think too much. i might end up taking myself seriously. x

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