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23 February 2005

How silly we can be about the future

Current listening: Lambchop - Is A Woman

on saturday we did an instore at Rough Trade in Covent Garden. it was a really nice thing to do. a big thank you to everyone who turned up and everyone in the shop for letting us play there. i was really surprised at how good it sounded down there. and it was nice meeting everyone that came up and spoke to us afterwards. that's the sort of place i'd always like to play. i'm still not really interested in playing live too much, but saturday was really special. i drank too much wine afterwards in the Carlisle Arms. always a danger when you come offstage at three in the afternoon.

and then on sunday and monday i didn't really do too much. i worked on the artwork for the next single with tim, who does all the drawings. it's a drawing of a tiny creature on a big stage surrounded by amps and equipment. a bit of a sad image, but it makes me laugh at the same time. and the background is green. for apples. and then on monday we finished off the rest of the filming for the I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star video in some woods near Coleshill. some good footage of bobby. and of Amanda juggling. i just hope it all comes out okay.

played last night at the Spitz with Hood and Half Cousin. it went okay. i think we sounded better the other day when we played in Rough Trade. i prefer it when we use less equipment. it seems to give everything more space. you can hear the fiddles and the keyboards and the banjo better. i think i'd like to try the next gig we do with just a snare drum again and acoustic guitars. i stayed around to see Half Cousin afterwards. i kind of liked them.

and today i was reading through an old book of my lyrics and i found this quote from American Dream by Norman Mailer so i thought i'd put it in.

"Once, in a rainstorm, i witnessed the creation of a rivulet. The water had come down, the stream had begun in a hollow of earth the size of a leaf. Then it filled and began to flow. The rivulet rolled down the hill between some stalks of grass and weed, it moved in spurts, down the fall of a ledge, down to a brook. It did not know it was not a river."

i like that. i'm not really sure why it seems so pertinent to me right now, but it does. i'll write again soon x

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