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16 February 2005

I have weapons and battle plans but...

Current listening: Bonnie Prince Billy - Ease Down the Road

so. the photo shoot for the sunday times style magazine went well i think. i was up a tree again. no yellow birds, but we managed to squeeze a red one in. and no daffodils either. just winter trees. the polaroids looked good. funny. i cut my hands up hanging upside down from a tree. i'm not sure why photographers always want to put me up a tree. but i am looking forward to a photo shoot where i can stay on solid ground. and maybe indoors would be better. just until summer.

on tuesday, Amanda walked into a coffee shop near where she lives and Fur Soft As Fur was playing on the radio. she was pretty excited about the whole thing. i'm not sure the waitress really understood. i wish i'd been there to hear it. i've never stumbled across a Boy Least Likely To song being played somewhere unexpectedly. it was nice to hear Wogan play Hugging My Grudge on monday though. but even then it wasn't unexpected. Amanda had to ring me to tell me it was on, and someone else had had to ring her, so by the time i got to a radio all that was left was the hand claps and the outro. still, it was funny to hear Wogan say the name at the end.

and then on thursday night we played at the Cobden Club in West London. i couldn't really hear much onstage so i don't really know how well it went, but everyone i spoke to about it afterwards said that it had sounded okay and so i guess i'll just have to trust them and be happy with it. i'm not really sure i want to play live that often though. i always wanted The Boy Least Likely To to be different. it is more important to me to put out records and have fantastic record sleeves and make videos and all those other things that all the bands i like do. playing live was never meant to be a big part of it. and when we do play live i want it to be special. i've never heard a song on the radio and wondered what that band sounds like live. it doesn't matter to me. i just want to buy all their records and read about them in magazines and buy a badge with their name on. i guess that's just the way i am. i like pop music as product.

saying that, we are supporting Clayhill on thursday night at Conway Hall, and then we're doing an instore at Rough Trade in Covent Garden on Saturday afternoon. so we spent last night rehearsing for that. the instore is going to be quite a stripped down performance. just acoustic guitars, banjo, and one snare drum. it sounded okay in reahearsal though so hopefully it'll sound good in the shop. still, a bit nervous.

apart from that, i haven't had much on. i'm still trying to get some lyrics together for new songs. and i'm working my way through the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series 7 dvd boxset. i'm about halfway through, watching two to three episodes at a time. i hope it doesn't cross over with Angel too much though, cos i haven't got the Angel boxset that aired at the same time. if ever i break up with someone i always find myself watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. i like the analogies and the metaphors and the subtexts. it helps me make sense of more complicated things. x

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