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06 February 2005

There never is much time between hello and goodbye

current listening: the pogues - red roses for me reissue

today is sunday. we practiced all day for the concerts coming up. i think it's starting to sound really good. and i wouldn't usually think that. we have added a fiddle player, so now we can do Fur Soft As Fur and I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star properly and we've added a fiddle part to Every Grubby Little Memory, even though there isn't one on the record. also today, i remembered the song You Can't Keep A Horse In A Lighthouse, which i used to sing at school. an odd song. i can't remember all the words, but i'm wondering what the problem was with keeping a horse in a lighthouse. it seems like quite a good place to keep a horse to me. i'll have to find the rest of the words and come back to it.

yesterday the new issue of plan b came through the post. the advert looks bright and yellow and there's a really nice review of the album written by Alistair Fitchett, which means even more to me because i thought his book, Young And Foolish was fantastic. and he obviously knows so much about music and things that i don't know anything about, and so for him to be so nice about the album is really great. plus i'm really excited just to have the new copy of plan b a few days early, which i will spend the next month reading from cover to cover. i've already decided i need to hear Smoosh, and to listen to all my Field Mice records again. which i haven't done for ages. favourite song, Between Hello And Goodbye. always was, still is.

so. tomorrow we are doing a photo shoot in wendover for the sunday times style magazine article. i'm thinking daffodils, glockenspiels, and maybe a tiny yellow bird. but it'll probably turn out differently.

oh well, that's pretty much it. it's been a funny week. but not funny in a funny way. funny in an odd confusing way. funny sad x

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