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29 January 2005

I think it will be summer forever. but it never is.

current listening: adam green - gemstones

so. i'm not really sure about the new adam green album. he seems to have reinvented himself as some sort of lounge lizard singer. at its best it's very scott walker, very jacques brel, but at its worst it's a bit tony clifton and eek sometimes a bit bob downe. maybe i just wasn't expecting it, that's all. i love everything else he's ever done so i'm still hopeful for this one. i keep going back to bright eyes this week though.

it's saturday again. saturday seems to be the only day i really get a chance to do a weblog. so i'll have to try and remember what i did all week. er, monday i recorded a radio session with bobby, amanda and young adam somewhere in the middle of milton keynes, behind the merlin sticker factory. which reminds me, the adam green album cover is so fantastic. all glittery and silver like one of those special stickers with the club badge on that you used to get in football sticker books. the session went well. didn't sound too bad considering half the band was missing. we recorded a jingle to the tune of God Takes Care Of The Little Things, which is kind of funny. i think it goes out at the end of february.

the rest of the week was taken up with recording and rehearsing. a little bit of practice is a good idea. and the b sides for I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star are mixed properly now. but there's only one, because we changed our minds about Cloth Ears again. it sounded too earnest. too serious. and i try not to do either of those.

but, not much else happened. maybe i'll write again on monday. i wish the truth was more exciting. x

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